2007-2010 Projects
Client Projects Year Project Development Conceptual pre-FEED FEED Detail Design Fab/Install/
PT Timas Kangean TSB 2010        
ContourGlobal KivuWatt Phase 1 Gas Extraction Project 2007-Ongoing  
HFG-Engineering ExxonMobil Serpentina Field 2009        
PEMEX Subsea tie-backs 2008      
Global Industries Pipelay Stinger for Global 1201 2008-2009    
GIE CPC Loading Bouy 2008-Ongoing      
GIE Upheaval buckling analysis 2008        
GIE Polyducto Pisco Lima 2008        
Helix Energy Solutions Danny Noonan Field Development 2007-Ongoing
HFG Engineering Brianne Development 2008        
Houston Offshore Engineering CNOOC Pipelay Stinger design 2008      
Global Industries Gorgon installation study 2007        
Global Industries ESS-164 Pipeline 2007 2008      
Helix Energy Solutions ROV platform structural design 2007        
Likpin PGN's South Sumatera to West Java Pipeline 2006-2007        
PGN PGN's South Sumatera to West Java Pipeline 2006-2007      
Petrobras Cascade Development 2007        
Coastal Refinery Ltd  Boscor Pakistan Ltd Terminal offshore Pakistan 2007        
Newfield Fastball Subsea Development 2005-2007    
Gulf Interstate Anadarko Table Mountain Pump Station 2006-2007        
Helix Energy Solutions KDG 6 Development 2007      
Subsea 7 GOM installation support 2007        
Global Industries World-wide installation support 2007        
FMC PEMEX subsea developments 2006-2007        
Tiburon Pipeline tow out from beach 2007        
Global Industries Stinger design 2006-2007