Antares provides our customers in the energy sector with creative solutions and services to facilitate the most economic, expeditious and robust methods for the development of hydrocarbon resources.

Some of our Major Projects are:
Amistad Subsea Development
A 2-well subsea tie-back to a host platform in the Gulf of Guaquill. Its key features include I-tubes and J-tubes which was pre-bundled into a single clamp to accommodate limited bottom time available to local divers apart from maximized local content.
KivuWatt Gas Extraction
A method to extract entrapped methane gas from the water in Lake Kivu. The project's chief attributes comprise of underwater separation, HDPE Risers and RTP Floating pipeline.
Jamnagar Terminal Expansion  
The project, refinery expansion required the addition of three (3) SPM buoys and two (2) 48-inch crude import pipelines and four (4) 30-inch product export pipelines. The design accomplished to protect environmentally sensitive wet lands during construction and operation and also accounted for seismic activity.
EGP3B will gather the associated gas produced from the North Offshore Area, as well as Delta PP and Tapa PP in the South Offshore Area, compress the gas and deliver it to the EGP 3A tie-in point. The pipeline network consists of an eight gas gathering pipelines and a gas export pipeline ranging in diameter from 16-inch up to 30-inch with wall thicknesses from .344 to .500 inches. Total length is 125 kilometers
Escravos EESP  
Escravos Export System Project FEED, upgraded to the existing crude export pipeline for intelligent pigging and the design of new 30-inch export pipeline and loading buoy.
Fastball Development   
Newfield will produce this 3,000 BCPD (gross) gas reservoir using a subsea tie-back to existing infrastructure. The system is being designed to flow 43MMCFPD with first gas in 2008. 
Danny/Noonan Development   
The two fields - Noonan gas field and Danny oil field flow to the same host platform 38 miles from the field location through separate flowlines but they have interconnect pigging loop to enable "Round Trip" pigging.