Pipelines and flowlines in the deepwater pose increased challenges in its' ability to deliver the product which requires proper flow management, mechanical integrity, robustness and constructability considerations to meet the design life.  Our engineers understand pipeline design, earning the reputation for project excellence as they have designed and installed deep water and shallow water flowlines and transmission pipelines worldwide.

Stress Profile on PIP Clamp-on Buckle Arrestor during Reeling
Antares offers a full range of pipeline engineering design capablity:
  • Pipeline routing studies
  • Flow assurance (steady state and transient)
  • High Thermal Performance Pipeline Design (PIP, Buried, FEH, etc.)
  • Spanning and upheaval buckling (especially HPHT) management
  • Pipeline Fatigue assessment (installation, in-place, VIV, shut-down cycle)
  • Component design (PIP bulkheads, buckle arrestor, isolation joint, etc.)
  • Constructability reviews (strain/stress based design)
  • Procurement services
  • Cost and schedule development
Antares also developed proprietary tools that are validated against industry accepted software, which is effectively used during pipeline pre-engineering surveys to generate free span during pipeline installation.