What is the Antares difference - We have built assets.  Our project management team spent the early and mid years of their careers working on the ground in fabrication yards in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North Sea, and the GOM and on the decks of installation vessels building oil and gas production facilities and pipelines around the world.  This experience base defines our Construction Driven Delivery approach to your project.  The question, How will it be built? is the first question asked at the start of an engineering design project and is repeated at every design review.

Our business is built on delivering a package to you.  Whether that package is an advanced numerical analysis report, a complete design package, or an asset, we obligate ourselves to ensure it is a real, practical solution that is complete and ready for the next stage of the project. 

The next time you need a lift analysis to ensure your equipment and rigging can withstand the dynamic load call the company whose people have been on the boat installing that package.  If your need is to develop a new asset, call the company with a proven track record of bringing innovative solutions to resource development. 

From installation support to full field developments Antares has the expertise, experience, and tools to deliver practical, cost effective solutions to your project.

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